5 Wacky Wedding Color Palettes That Actually Work

Are you a bold future-bride who isn’t afraid to try something new and make a statement? If so, a “wacky wedding color palette” might be perfect for you. Take a look at these color schemes that we can’t believe actually looked fantastic!

Yellow and Purple

Yellow and purple…at first thought, it’s like trying to make mustard and grape jam go together. But once you see the colors together, it’s much more like a purple and yellow pansy, striking and absolutely beautiful. Again, it has to do with the color wheel. Purple and yellow are directly across from each other, meaning that they perfectly complement one another.

Isn’t it funny how that works? White also looks fantastic as an accent color with this palette.

Navy, Orange and Lime Green

I know, I know…just reading those colors makes you shake your head “no,” but the colors actually work really well together and here’s why. Navy blue and orange are on the opposite sides of the color wheel, meaning that they contrast well with one another. Lime green is a complementary color of orange, so it also works as an accent color.

These colors look absolutely wonderful, and some white touches here and there give it a lighter, airier feeling.

Brown, Green and White

Okay, if you’re thinking this sounds an awful lot like a mud puddle or maybe camouflage, think again. The colors, in the right shades, are actually quite refreshing.

It works because brown and white are very neutral; they go together well and would actually work well with many other colors. The green acts as a more vivid accent color, tying everything together. We love this look and think it’s perfect for late summer or early fall!

Peacock Blue, Purple and Green

What immediately comes to mind when you think of these colors? Cartoons? A toddler just learning to dress himself? Eighties-era eye shadow? You’ll be shocked to see just how amazing these colors look together. The overall effect is very cool and easy on the eyes. That’s because purple and blue are complementary colors, and blue and green are complementary colors.

If you want a palette that is really impressive, this is a great one to go for.

Lime Green and Red

“Oh, that is never going to work…unless it’s a Christmas wedding. And not a very aesthetically appealing one.”

Yeah, this is what I thought as well. However, the right shade of red paired with lime green and an accent color like white or very light gray can look stunning, and nothing at all like Christmas!

The feel of these colors is much more “middle of summer,” the vibrant colors of ripening fruit and nature. These colors are absolutely gorgeous together.

So, there you have it – 5 wacky wedding palettes that we definitely thought were going to be horrible but that we ended up loving. Which is your favorite? Are there any you simply don’t like? Let us know your opinion below!

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