Blooming in Spring

What’s so good about Spring is the beautiful floral scene. The perfect spring day is when flowers are in bloom. Such a perfect backdrop for an e-session! Olivia and Ryan were right in time for the scenery. The couple wanted their shoot to reflect their mid-missouri upbringing. No kidding, this is one of my favorite couple shoots so far. They didn’t have fancy decors or styling and they wore casual outfits, but what struck me is the natural gestures, poses and expressions that they exposed. Come take a look at this charming set of photos!

The Redbud and Dogwood trees at the park were a perfect background for their engagement shoot. They strolled around the park and the creek to score some good shots. Their intimacy and romance is evidenced by their expressions on photos – happiness and love is what you see through their stares and affection. Nature is always a fail-safe location for outdoor shoots; its natural beauty is effortless on photos, much more when it is accompanied with bright smiles brought about by the innate happiness from a couple’s love for each other.


Photographer:  Courtney Tompson Photography
Other Location:MKT Trail//

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