Candy Buffet How-To

Candy buffets or bars: they are at tons of weddings now-a-days. How do you do it? Is there a budget friendly way? Why do it, should it be your favor? Read on as I hopefully answer your questions!

Candy buffets are typically used as the wedding favor. They can be placed anywhere from right next to the cake, in an entry/exit area, near a buffet or near a coffee bar. They are one of the most versatile decorations/favors you can have at your wedding. I highly suggest them, and think they really make guests happy.

There are several ways to make your candy buffet happen. If you have a wedding planner you can probably rent the jars from them. I would highly recommend that. Most wedding planners come by these things at previous weddings. A bride will buy a bunch of stuff they don’t need after the wedding and instead of taking them home the bride will tell the wedding planner to take whatever they want and throw away the rest. Renting them from your wedding planner is the most budget friendly way to make the candy bar happen. After doing a quick Google search for apothecary jars I found these on for $49.99 if you choose to buy your own. You can also find all sorts of smaller cheaper jars on Amazon.

Next comes the candy. That’s where things can get expensive depending on what you want. I’ve seen jars full of Starbursts and easily attainable candy from a grocery store, but I’ve also seen special ordered one color candy to match wedding colors. Here’s some great candy that looks amazing. I got all of these from

Sixlets: HUGE hit at the last wedding I worked at.

Rock Candy: Looks amazing and tastes wonderful!

Jelly Bellys in any color or flavor you want. This is pear, AKA my favorite flavor, but my mom hates it. :)

Really you can do anything you want. Let’s say you only want blue and brown M&M’s you can either order them, or have a separating party with bridesmaids (wearing gloves) where all you do is separate the colors.

In total for a candy buffet you will need:

  1. Jars
  2. Scoops/spoons
  3. Something to put them in like a plastic bag or Chinese food takeout box
  4. A place to keep the extra candy to refill throughout the night

Another option is to go to get a candy buffet vendor to do everything for you. This is great for the bride who’s not necessarily on a tight budget. They can cost about as much as the cake if you go this rout. I just found one that is a local to Seattle company called My Candy Buffet and their prices are $4-$5 per serving.

Now that the logistics of how to find the goods is over, here’s some ideas on how to decorate.

Once Wed:

Style Me Pretty:

Elizabeth Anne Designs:

What do you think of candy buffets? Are you planning to have one? Hopefully this post helps!


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