Tips For Creating A Small Guest List For An Intimate Wedding

Don’t panic! Though whittling down a guest list can seem nearly impossible, it can be done. After all, intimate weddings need to be just that — intimate. Cozy. Selective. Here are ten tips for creating a small guest list.

#1. Go Halfsies

small wedding ideas

How many guests will be at your intimate affair? Split that in half. Your partner will get to choose half of the guests, and you will get to choose half.

# 2. Make Two Lists and Do The Math

Make a list of everyone you really want to be there.  Make a second list of the people who you would die if they weren’t there. This will start to see where your selecting work needs to come in. What is the exact number of the difference between your lists?

#3. Get Selective

This is the hard part! When you start to pick through your list, it can feel like a nightmare. These people are all a part of your life… an important part! You care about them! When you cross someone off of the list, it doesn’t mean that you don’t love them.

#4. Stay Positive

Thinking about the ways that you will share your excitement and happiness with the people you cut can make this a bit easier. If you are not inviting your cousins that live across the country, for example, think about the ways that you could include pictures and a letter about the wedding in your annual Christmas letter instead.

I hope that your selections go well! Use proper etiquette and you will be amazed at the way people respect your wishes. Once you decide on your guest list, you can begin thinking about invitations. How many people are you inviting to your intimate wedding? Leave a comment below!

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