How to Avoid Those Cheesy Engagement Pictures

Have you ever seen an engagement photo so cheesy that your eyes nearly rolled right out of your head? You definitely don’t want to be the couple that presents this to their friends (unless it’s done purposefully, in which case, it could be hilarious).

When preparing for your special day, consider sending out creative wedding save the dates that reflect your personalities. A fun photo or a clever design can set the tone for your guests and build excitement for the upcoming celebration. Just remember, keep it classy and true to yourselves!

So, to avoid those cheesy engagement pictures, check out these tips.

  1. Be Cautious of Themes

A themed engagement photo? Well, that’s not going to look contrived at all. That was sarcasm. Be extremely careful when choosing a theme for your engagement photo, especially if the theme is some sort of pop culture reference that is going to embarrass you when you’re in your sixties.

This doesn’t mean themed photos can’t be totally charming (see the fire fighter themed photo below), but make sure the theme is a theme that is going to be in your life for quite a while!

Flowes Store Fire Station engagement session.
Flowes Store Fire Station engagement session.
  1. Stay Away from Racy Engagement Pictures

Racy doesn’t work well with engagement photos. Ever. These are pictures you’re going to give your family and friends, and the last thing they want is to see you working up a sweat or looking aroused. Would you want to see a picture of your friend that puts images in your mind that you will never be free of?

Mary Sarah Photography

Someone please tell that man to take a cold shower and put that shirt back on! These kinds of pictures make people cringe.

  1. One Big Happy Family

While we’re talking about cringe-worthy photos, let’s go ahead and address engagement photos involving animals. Don’t get me wrong – my furry, four-legged sons are absolutely part of my family, but when your engagement photos turn out like this…

Huffington Post

…you have a problem. If you really want to include your animals, it can be done well. For instance, the photo below makes me think, “Aw. She loves his dog as much as she loves him!”

Keefers Photo

This one, however, makes me think, “Does that dog need to see a vet? While we’re at it, I’m pretty sure the woman’s neck may be broken, so perhaps she needs a doctor as well.”

  1. Absolutely NO Perspective Tricks

“Look, honey! Check out what I can do without even using Photoshop!”

Mind-boggling photos that defy perspective

No. Just no. These are kind of neat when you’re on Facebook and you see that link that says “10 Photos You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped,” but when a friend sends you this picture all wrapped up in a pretty embellished envelope, you just feel embarrassed. Even if you’re alone when you open it.

  1. Speaking of Photoshop…

While we’re on the topic, photoshopped pictures that are too photoshopped should be avoided as well.


There’s a line, people, and it’s drawn somewhere between color adjustment and “maybe we should have the groom feeding a baby raptor from his hand?”

  1. Don’t Be Awkward

No matter what, try to relax and have a great time while getting your photos taken. Smile genuinely and try your best not to be awkward. “Well, how can you avoid being awkward?” Great question. First, don’t pretend the photographer is a bad guy, coming to steal your pregnant fiancé and baby.


Don’t attempt to meditate during your engagement photo session.

(c)Jenna_Meredith 404-422-5894
Awkward Family Photos

Don’t try the upside-down Spiderman kiss.

Awkward Family Photos

Don’t do this.


Or this.


Or this.


Well, that about covers it! Using these tips, you can avoid the cheesy, cringe-worthy engagement photos that almost inevitably end up on Awkward Family Photos! Have you ever been the unintentional subject of an awkward photo? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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