Super Awesome Custom Domain Names – Let Us Buy It!

We’re addicted to the stream that shows us custom domain names recently bought for Nearlyweds sites. Most are classic (which is cool), but some are really hilarious or outrageous. Our favorite this week was:

Yep – you read that right. So great! We love it when people are having fun with their sites. Briana (the bride) even blogged that she gets a good lol out of it every time she types it in.

So – we were thinking it would be fun to buy the next creative domain for someone. What domain name would you want? Leave it in a comment and we will buy the best one.

Make sure to log into your control panel though and use the domain name tool to look up and see if yours is available. We clearly can’t afford to go buy TomKat from Oprah’s best friend.

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