The Richness of Simplicity

More than just being fun, outdoor shoots are practical as well. Putting up a styled set is not obligatory with the raw beauty of the nature and surroundings. The beautiful greenery composed of the trees was the perfect location for Alison and Topher, our lovely couple. They made use of the environment that looked so calm in photos. The little brick house was such an accent and their outfits blended so well. A lot of amazing photos await you in the gallery, browse too see!

Their casual outfits in black with a color pop up of green and yellow served the background so well. It was oozing with simplicity, yet so pleasing in the eyes. For future brides and grooms who want a simple engagement shoot, you can draw inspiration from this set. It would be also interesting to have a second pair of outfits. You don’t necessarily need to match with your partner, but make sure to be cohesive with each other, and most especially the theme and background. With the right styling and choice of background spots, a simple pre-wedding shoot will surely bring you to much amazement!


Photographer: Â?Tiny Human Photography LLC

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