These Cute Starbucks Lovers

Stephanie and Anthony walked the busy streets and strolled the central park of New York City for their engagement session. The couple incorporated their love for Starbucks by using the cups as their save-the-date props that were cute and unique really. But who needs coffee when you have these two to wake you up and feel excited about love? You can tell how they feel about each other by looking at their photos. That romantic moment when they were gazing into each other’s eyes – so much love! I can guarantee you that you will fall in love with the idea of being in love. Congratulations and best wishes, Stephanie and Anthony! (And isn’t it adorable that their names rhyme, too?)

On April 29, 2015, a lovely and bright Wednesday afternoon, OLLI STUDIO accompanied Stephanie & Anthony for a stroll through the beautiful, historic grounds of New York City’s CENTRAL PARK. It didn’t take long for this sweet duo to attune themselves to their calm surroundings, leaving the hustle and bustle energy of the city behind them. That was our cue to start snapping – photo that is. Stephanie and Anthony’s love for one another was not hard to capture, as it oozed from every smile, laugh, held hands and kiss. This future Mr. & Mrs. were a breath of fresh spring air as they celebrated their engagement, with their favorite Starbucks beverages in hand. Take a look!


Photographer: OLLI STUDIO
Cinema and Video: OLLI STUDIO

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