Tips to Prevent Stress and Panicking as Time Draws Nearer to Your Wedding

It’s a natural reaction in any bride-to-be. As the days on the calendar fall away and her big, red-circled wedding date approaches, she starts to panic and stress out twice as much as she was during the entire planning phase. She will worry about whether or not the cake will be perfect, whether she has gained a few pounds in the last several week, whether the vendors will all come through and (believe it or not), whether she will be left at the altar. Anything that can go wrong with dart through her mind, and she will be a ball of nerves. If you’re one of those soon-to-be brides, here are a few tips to help you stop stressing and to prevent panic.

Check, Double-Check and Confirm

Create Back-Up Plans

Some things you simply can’t control: the weather, illness, etc. Create backup plans to deal with situations if something should go wrong. For instance, if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, be sure there’s an appropriate indoor backup somewhere very nearby so things can be switched at the last minute if need be. In addition, create a phone “tree”, so guests can be notified immediately of major changes. For instance, you maid of honor might be responsible for calling the females in your family to notify them of changes while the best man might be responsible for calling the females in your family to notify them of changes. For instance, your maid of honor might be responsible for calling the males. Creating backup plans can save you if something happens that is totally out of your control.

Look at the Bigger Picture

While we’re planning for a wedding, we often get tied up in the details of it all. We don’t like the invitations with the red flowers at all, and want the pink flowers instead. We start to believe that if the red ones come in by mistake, the day will be totally ruined. Stop quite often and look at the bigger picture. You’re marrying the man of your dreams and you will be surrounded by friends and family when you do it. They aren’t likely to notice or care whether the invitations have red or pink flowers, or whether the cake fondant has been flavored with almond or vanilla. Be sure to step outside of that detail-driven planning phase from time to time to realize that although it’s supposed to be your special day, the most important things are the ones you will share it with.


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