Uninhibited Romance

How beautiful is it to see a couple just having fun, strolling around the road, holding hands and being the sweetest they can be? Elizabeth & Christian’s engagement seemed like a session of laughs. It is evident in their photos how happy they were as they explored the streets dressed in their themed outfits.  My advice to couples: As your e-session will happen once in your life only, make sure to make it remarkable and something that will make a memory. Think of themes that you both are interested in. Choose colors that will complement both of you. To future brides: as much as possible, keep away from very girly stuff, as you also have to take into consideration your husband. Take your inspiration from this lovely couple’s engagement. Read on and browse the photos to have an idea of a fun and creative engagement photo session!

In choosing a theme, something you have to deliberate on are your personalities. Pick a theme that’s in sync with both of your likes and interests. Be creative as you can. If you happen to choose a generic theme or something that has been used before, make sure to add your own flavor and twist to it. Look at Elizabeth and Christian’s shoot for instance. The combination of personality, eye-catching color, masquerade masks and uninhibited expression made the couple’s shoot very mem0rable, as told by Olli Studio, the team behind the lens. They had 2 looks for the e-sesh: One were they wore formal outfits to go in accordance with the masquerade feel, and another one that’s street wear, which went in jive with their outdoor location. Enjoy all the romance the photos exhibit as you see the rest of the set!


Photographer:  OLLI STUDIO
Reception Venue: The Bowery Hotel

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