Wandering in Winter

Snowshoes, Skis and snowball fights! This couple had a ton of fun during this winter engagement shoot. Marlena and Justin took their winter engagement to a fun level as they shot it on snow. They played around as if they were kids having fun. I personally love this e-session! Their facial expressions naturally exude the happiness they’re feeling. See the rest of the photos and witness a fun-filled skiing shoot.

As for their outfits,  they wore casual looks and snow jackets over, and she donned a scarf and a beret. My tip on dressing up for an adventurous shoot like this is to wear comfortable clothes. Have fun and let adventure speak for itself! Some people say, “the simpler, the better”. Marlena and Justin second the motion on their engagement shoot. You won’t see a lot of props, decors and whatnot on the set, but their sweetness, love and fondness for each other are enough to make their e-sesh exceptional. The couple had a “Save the Date” banner which they used on the shoot.Wedding banners are in nowadays. You can use these on your engagement shoot or on the wedding itself to create humor that everyone will smile about.


Photographer:  Tiny Human Photography LLC

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