Wedding Inspiration… Now What?

So you find a wedding picture you love and you feel so inspired, but now what? What do you do once you find this amazing picture? You love the colors and ideas presented in the picture, but can’t decide what to do next. Here’s an example of what you can do.

I found this picture I LOVE from Oh So Beautiful Paper. I’m normally not a pink person, but I love the colors in this.

So where do I go next? I’m going to the wedding color chooser on Nearlyweds. I will use it to pull out the colors I love so I can take it to the different vendors I’ll meet with.

I logged in to my wedding color chooser and then uploaded the above picture by clicking, Upload Image and selecting the image I saved.

Then I selected an empty swatch and the colors I liked in the picture and saved the swatches as Bike Love. I’ll do this a couple times with several different pictures/themes I’m deciding on. Then order the paper swatches and decide on the colors to use for my dream wedding!

By Nearlyweds Wedding Websites

How do you tame your wedding inspiration? What did you do to take an idea/picture/theme to your dream wedding?


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