Wedding Website Etiquette

From our findings about 30% of couples are choosing to have wedding websites now-a-days, and that trend will only grow in the next few years. Most couples love the idea of communicating with guests almost instantly and spreading any extra need to know information. But how do you get the word out? What is the best way to let your guests know that you have a wedding website? You spend all this time planning, designing and pimping out your site,  but if only your Facebook friends see it what’s the point? If you don’t tell Uncle Ralph that you have this beautiful site you will get a call from him asking where you are registered, where he should stay, what time to get to the ceremony and what to wear, etc. You may love talking to Uncle Ralph, but this saves hundreds of phone calls and emails to you, your mom, the future Mr. and your mother-in-law.

So the question is: How do I tell people that I have a wedding website and still adhere to common wedding etiquette? We obviously want to know this answer as well, so we went to the etiquette source. No not Martha. Emily Post, well actually Peggy Post, a relative of Emily.

According to Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette:

Don’t list your Web site on your invitation. This may be tempting, but refrain. There are plenty of other ways to let people know about the site, such as including the Web address on other items enclosed in the invitation packet, such as the response card or maps.

So you wouldn’t list it on your main invitation, meaning the part of your invite that says this is where we’re getting married, we want you there and this is when it’s happening. But it’s totally fine to list it on your map card. I would suggest not listing it on your actual response card because they will be sending that back to you and won’t have the link on the day before the wedding when Uncle Ralph forgets the address. Also I would feel safe saying that you can list it on your Save the Date cards.

Here are some other gems of wisdom from Emily Post on your wedding website:

Don’t put the emphasis on gift registries. It is fine to post links to various on-line gift registries on your home page. This is one of the conveniences of your site. It is important to strike a balance between discretion and a desire to make things easier for your guests. Place such links to the side of the page in modestly sized type.

Don’t overlook your unwired guests. Remember, not everyone has ready access to the Internet. If you know that a certain invited guest is not connected to the Web, be sure to send hard copies of any pertinent information

Electronic RSVPs. If you plan to let people RSVP on your site, simply add a printed sentence at the bottom of your reply card sent with your invitation saying, “You may also reply by way of our wedding Web site:”

What do you think, do you agree with what she says? Does this make you feel better about listing the link on your invites? Any pointers that worked well for you?


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