Winter Wedding Colors and Trends That Will Be Super Hot

If you’re planning on a winter wedding, you probably want to know what the other winter brides will be doing. What will be the hottest colors? What dresses will be the most popular? Today’s post focuses on the trends, styles and looks that will be most popular during this winter wedding season.

The Season of Neutrals

While the last few years have focused on some very colorful weddings and color palettes (I’m looking at you, coral and teal), things are starting to shift, bringing neutrals to the front of the line. This winter wedding season is going to see a lot of neutrals and very elegant wedding color palettes. Natural tones like beige, warm-brown and cream will be very popular.


Shades of gray will also continue in popularity, with everything from the lightest slush gray to the darkest charcoal gray. It will be paired with white, cream, and even pale shades of pink.


Old Hollywood Glam 

A huge trend that has been growing in popularity for some time is the old Hollywood glam wedding theme. This amazing and elegant look is quickly becoming a favorite for a large number of brides. Look for art deco patterns, simple fabric cuts and stitches, and subtle but dramatic decor ideas.


Two Piece Wedding Dresses

The two piece wedding dress is also growing in popularity, and there’s likely to be a lot more of these beauties showing up for the upcoming winter wedding season. This type of dress speaks to the bride who wants to step outside the box a little, and the wide range of styles and cuts make it easy for brides to find something they love.


Intimate Weddings

The small, intimate wedding is gaining popularity, especially in the last few years. Whereas brides wanted huge, lavish weddings with hundreds of guests, more and more brides are opting for cozy, intimate events with their closest friends and family members. Brides these days are more likely to choose a smaller wedding budget as well.


Hands-On Weddings

The DIY wedding has been popular for a few years now, and for this winter wedding season, that’s not going to change. Brides are enjoying being more hands-on, creating their own favors, preparing the dishes themselves or even making their own wedding dresses. The trick they’ve started to master is knowing what they can handle and how much is a bit too much to manage.


If you’re a bride planning an upcoming wedding, which of these trends (if any) will you embrace? share with us in the comments below. We love each and every one of these trends, and can’t wait to see which trends are phased out and which ones grow in the coming months.

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