Choosing Your Wedding Venue: 10 Questions To Get You Started

Here are ten helpful questions that you and your husband should answer before visiting potential venues. The process of choosing a venue is important; your wedding venue will play a big part in how your special day will look and feel. If you can’t answer these questions yet, it may be too early to commit to a specific venue.

10 Questions For Venue Clarity

  1. What is our ideal date range?
  2. How flexible are we on our ideal date range?
  3. What is our wedding theme and style?
  4. Is our wedding going to be indoors or outdoors?
  5. What would we ideally spend on a venue?
  6. What is the absolute upper limit of our venue budget?
  7. How many people do we expect to attend? (A range of numbers is fine)
  8. What are our deal breakers? (If there are no pets allowed… will you still want to get married there?)
  9. What are our necessities? (pool, relaxed atmosphere, a view of the sunset…)
  10. Who are our must-attend guests, and will they be able to make it? (For example, if you really want your grandmother to attend, is getting married in a rustic hike-to cabin top of a mountain the best idea?)

Once you and your partner have answered these questions, you will be able to make clear decisions about your venue. Start browsing online, talking to friends, and visiting places in person. Keep notes along the way. Were you and your man able to answer all ten questions? Leave a comment below!

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