Luxurious and Chic Beach Wedding Favor Idea

If you’re tired of seeing the same old beach wedding favors, then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re all about the luxurious, stunning and chic beach wedding favors and simply can’t be bothered with the cliché and overdone. We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful and luxurious beach wedding favors so you can use them for inspiration.

1.) Agate Coasters

They’re absolutely chic and luxurious, and although they have nothing to do with sea shells or sand dollars, they still have a very beach-like quality about them. We think they’re just beautiful and your guests will be absolutely thrilled to receive these for a favor.

2.) Coastal Trinket Dish


Another beautiful gift that most quests would love to have, a coastal-style trinket dish is gorgeous and functional. Guests can use it long after the ceremony to store their smaller items and keep track of loose change, jewelry, or keys.

3.) Beach Jewelry

Jewelry is always a winner when it comes to any gift and wedding favors are no different. For the female guests, go for a cute coastal-style gold necklace or some pretty and dangling beach-style earrings.

For the guys  on your guest list, opt for a pair of sleek coastal cufflinks. Not only are these gifts sure to delight your guests, but you can have peace of mind knowing they’ll be used again and again.

4.) Sea Glass Candle Holder

Sea glass is unbelievably beautiful, and perfect for a beach wedding favor. A sea glass candle holder will glow warmly and charmingly, and your guests will absolutely love it.

5.) Mini Ships in a Bottle

These fantastic little gifts are not only whimsical and fun, but they will remind your guests of your very special day. Plus, they’re such a neat favor that you can be sure your guests will absolutely love them.

6. Nautical Paperweight

This gorgeous paperweight is not only functional as far as a paperweight goes, but it’s absolutely beautiful. In addition to being a mini telescope, it also features a compass to ensure that no wedding guests become lost souls! This is the perfect example of a luxurious and chic beach wedding favor.

These are just a few ideas of how to offer outstanding beach wedding favors without falling into the same old cliches and overused favors. Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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